We have always loved to tell success stories with Femicare & Gentace combination and recently, we received this post from Queenneth Makari (Posted here with her full consent and permission)

July 29, 2017: 9.29pm

 I started using it two weeks ago n I finally had my periods…i haven’t had periods in 4yrs…intried everything the doctor prescribed but I never got my period n I was not on contraception so I kinda gave up n stopped taking all the pills the doctor gave me…so I took a chance on this product when I saw it n by some miracle I finally had my periods…so I think it works I’m not pregnant yet but I now have hope that I will be coz of femicare n my husband has been supportive n he’s taking his gentace as well…i will let u know when I’m pregnant…

July 24 2018: 10.00pm

My husband n I started using femicare n gentace late last year for 3months after 2 miscarriages n I’m pleased to say we are expecting our bundle of joy this spring 


August 4 2018: 11:27am

Here’s my precious cargo that I will be delivering next month…a big thank you to Caroline as well at Carnto meds for always making sure I received my orders on time and answering all me questions.

Bundle of Joy this Spring!